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A corollary to yesterday’s Daily Grain is this: don’t settle.

Because the reason we try to force things to fit into our lives is because we have settled for something.

We maybe don’t believe that better things are in our future or we don’t have confidence in our own ability to be sure of what is good for us and what isn’t and so we settle – we think OK, this seems like the best I can do or this seems like a good deal – when it isn’t.

And what in fact is happening is you are forcing things into being and by virtue of that force you are then having to adapt, to work at it, to make all sorts of effort to keep whatever it is that you’re hanging onto in existence.

And all this from making do with something less than what you are capable of, something less than what you deserve. So this settling business is really a great pity in life.

If you don’t settle, if you hold out for the things that fit or if you find something that you really want in life and you have the patience and the resilience to do that finagling and finessing that we were talking about in yesterday’s Daily Grain then you will find the way in which that part fits into your life.

So that’s not so much settling as figuring out your best options.

Settling is when you just accept maybe not the worst option for you, but definitely not the best option for you, for whatever reason you accept it, and then you just resign yourself to living with the consequences.

That is really the crux of the problem in a lot of people’s lives today. Because if most of the aspects of your life are second best or even third best, or even fourth best, that’s not an optimum way to live.

That imprisons you in an unending cycle of making do.

It’s like those engine parts, those clock parts, that don’t fit – it just gums up the works, in short.

And this is not just a mechanical device this is the works of your life. You know? That’s a big deal. It’s a big deal to have your life and littered with things that are not optimum for you and all of these things come about as a result of your choice.

So today if you have to make a choice of any description I would just give you advice in two words – don’t settle.