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It is not that difficult to change the direction of your life… #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Today let’s talk about upward spirals. Quite a vast difference in the trajectory of your life from downward spirals.

And an upward spiral would that mean that you, no matter where your starting point, you are making good decisions, you are making decisions that take you to a higher level. And this could be a higher level materially or with relationships or with your mental reasonings or career or hobbies, and every step you take is of a higher quality than the previous step, takes you to a higher place than the previous step and your life is literally spiraling upward. And it is spiraling upward under your control.

And when you are in an upward spiral literally everything’s coming up roses, right?

Because you are in a good place, you making decisions out of joy, out of satisfaction, out of strength. Which is the very opposite of what happens in a downward spiral – you make decisions from desperation and therefore your decisions get increasingly more dodgy as your desperation becomes higher.

So in an upward spiral because your decisions are coming from strength and they work and so then you are more confident then you make better decisions and so on and so forth.

I will make a cautionary note here – even when you are in an upward spiral it never is to your benefit to get overconfident. Always bear in mind that it could be the smallest mis-judgment or bad decision that can set you back. And so in an upward spiral cycle bear in mind that you need to keep building on strength to strength, or from strength to strength.

Now to change a downward spiral to an upward spiral is actually not that difficult. It takes, in the beginning, a change of attitude. Remember I said an upward spiral is signified by decisions made from a positive place, by decisions made from strength. So to switch that downward spiral to an upward spiral what you need to do is find that inner strength.

And you have it no matter what your situation in life is, you have a certain something inside of you that can give you strength. You’ll need to find that and use it to make one decision, at least one decision, without fear.

And when you can do that whatever that decision as big or small, you have put yourself in the flow of starting an upward spiral.