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When I was doing quality management I used to produce a monthly newsletter and one of the articles that I received for this newsletter was entitled “Water Kills.”

So that’s an astonishing title, right? We are not used to thinking of water as a killer.

And the article went on to explain that when it comes to storing things, when it comes to food items, water is *the* most damaging thing. If the grain has not been dehydrated sufficiently or if water gets into the packaging it is all over. You know it’s done.

So it’s an eye-opener to look at life and look at the things that we normally think of as nurturing and nourishing as killing or damaging. But it is true because everything in life, including bits of advice, have the potential for good or ill.

If you overuse even the best idea or the best substance it can be damaging.

So when you employ anything in your life be it an actual implement or food item or advice or plan just think about this because they are not automatically good or bad it’s how you use them.

And it behooves us to use every resource that we have in our lives in the best possible way. It behooves us to look at the things we might discard in the light of what could they be good for. And when we look at our resources, at our advantages, at our disadvantages in this light you are creating the difference between misusing things and putting them to the best possible use.

And it’s amazing we just watched “Sound of Music” the other day and she used the old curtains for their clothes. Talk about reciting and reusing! But basically that was all she had at that point in time and she used it.

In fact right now in your life there are probably a number of things that you have discounted or you are over calculating. If you can look at that rationally and bring it into balance – so balance out what you are overestimating to use it wisely and look at what you are of under estimating and put it to use.

So that’s a good experiment for today.