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Are you aware of which energies are positive and which are toxic to you? #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

In recent times I’ve been made aware of this marvellous reality and the truth of “we are energy”.

It is something we see as a physical thing, or manifested as a physical thing: as in we are tired or we are exhausted or we are full of energy. But we actually have this invisible thing called life force energy or the *chi* as the Chinese call it and it’s amazing!

It’s metaphysical, more than physical.

And the use of it is wonderful which I will cover in tomorrow’s video, or one of the uses of it, but if you don’t think we have this or if you think it’s something manufactured by the new age bunch, well, think about this…

When someone walks into the room, or when you walk into a space, you have a sense of whether that is peaceful or whether that’s positive, shall we say, or whether it’s toxic.

Sometimes you get that feeling from people where you meet someone and they are smiling and they are saying all the right things, but you’re just getting a bad feeling, or an uncomfortable feeling, or an uneasy feeling.

And what’s that about?

So that is their energy, their intrinsic intent or vibration, if you like, that they’re putting out in the world.

So even if you don’t see life in metaphysical terms, think about this. Think about your own experience of people or situations or events that happen in your life where in and of itself the event may seem innocuous but there something off.

Or likewise in the midst of possible chaos you find an oasis of peace.

It’s these things, energies that are around us.

And if you don’t feel this or you are not really paying attention, I would really recommend you pay attention because the energy you bring to something and the energy that people direct at you is very powerful, actually.

You might actually get sick in a toxic situation. In fact, not might! It’s been proven that stress is toxic. It can kill you. It can manifest in you a whole bunch of diseases simply because of the chemical reactions within you. And the reason you feel stress could be much more than direct links to bad situations. It could be people, places situations in your life that seem OK on the surface and they are not.

So for today think about your energies and other peoples’ energies and how you are dealing with them, and blending them, in your life.