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What do you find important in life #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Let’s talk about priorities because your life is defined by what you consider important. So be very careful when you set your priorities.

Because if your priorities one, are not a match for you, two, they are not going to lead to ultimately life satisfaction, you are setting yourself up for disappointment, at the very least, or for a bitter life, at the worst. Either scenario is not viable actually in one person’s lifetime.

So really think what in life is important to you. And then really think is it really that important. So think twice and action it once.

A great many people carry a great many regrets in life because they started off thinking one set of things were important only to realize that they weren’t. And that it didn’t satisfy them and really their whole lives were spent pursuing things that to themselves were not important.

So today right after all those discussions about upward spirals and downward spirals this is a key component.

Because when you are pursuing things in life that are true to you and that actually have solid worth in the long run, they are gold basically, if your priorities and values are gold, are golden, then everything you do, everything you pursue will turn out to be worthwhile.

So when you prioritize things, when you prioritize tasks, when you prioritize goals, really look at them from a long term importance kind of viewpoint.

If you are five years down the line looking back are these things significant to you? Would they have made a significantly positive difference in your life?

And if they do – get on with it!