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Today, let us talk about balance.

There is a lot of discussion about work life balance and balancing the practicalities of your life, but the most critical balance is your inner balance. And it is really important for you to understand how you feel when you are in balance and if you don’t know how balanced feels, internal balance, then it’s critical to realize how that manifests in the world.

So let’s talk about that real quick.

If you are in balance then there is no conflict. I would say that would be the key component or the key element of being in balance. Because all the parts of you are in sync and in congruence with what is going on around you or with the decision that you are trying to make. So your action from a state of balance is a natural progression.

OK so that’s one way to recognize that you are in balance.

And it is critical to recognize this because you never want to take any decision or action or step in your life when you are out of balance. Because the converse is that that means you are in conflict, that something around you is out of place.

So the use of finding balance and realizing when you are in balance is that if you have critical decisions to make or critical action steps to take and you have conflict in you and you have doubt and uncertainty and fear then it is best to stop and figure it out first.

Find the balance.

Now this doesn’t mean that your entire life has to be balanced – eventually as you continue on the path of consciousness it will happen, it will absolutely happen that your entire life will be in sync and balance and in flow. But until that happens it is sufficient that you find the balance for that particular situation, you find your own inner balance where your emotions, your psyche, your mind are all in sync.

You find a way to balance the situation and the decisions that you must take with all the things within yourself. And there is always a way to do this you just have to find it, search for it and figure it out until this is all in balance.

And then the decisions you make and the actions you take will be successful. Because they’re in balance.

It’s an often overlooked thing where we are in a society and in an economy perhaps, where the drive to just take action to make things happen to be appearing to be moving forward your life is all important and all critical but really it’s a waste of time if this whole equation of you vs. the world and you vs. what you need done is not in balance.

So today start thinking of maintaining this equilibrium in your life.