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Yesterday we talked about getting the foundations of your life right and today let’s talk about the implications of proceeding with life when they’re not right and the fundamental one is that you will come up with imperfect solutions to the issues that you face. And then imperfect solutions will give rise to more problems. And so on and on it goes.

This is an issue I think in the lives of most people because we don’t think to the foundations of our life or we don’t think about the foundations of our life as something that we can choose or that we can easily put right. But in fact they are and they only need your attention.

But if you are living in a locality that does not support you or is not right for the sort of things that you want to do with your life, if you are surrounded by friends who are much the same and even business associates and if you are actually not doing the things that are fruitful for you or that are going to help you make progress in life all the rest is fluff. All the rest is really a peripheral.

All the other things that you try to fix are colored, are influenced by what your foundation is. And so if you keep creating solutions in your life that don’t address these fundamental issues you keep going from the frying pan into the fire and then sometimes they create such dire situations that it gets more and more difficult to extricate yourself from them.

So sooner is better than later in terms of the basics in your life.

There was a funny phrase that we use to use when were kids and it’s called “worse improvements” – so when you do something to improve your situation and it changes it but the “improvement” is actually for the worse, it’s really comical – if you need to inject a sense of humor in your life you can borrow this phrase, but do try not to make worse improvements in your life.