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Let’s talk about fear in terms of power. A few Daily Grains ago I was talking about not giving up your power to somebody and this you can take as a fact: what you fear has power over you. So that’s a fabulous reason to eradicate fear from your life.

If you think about it, if you fear losing a relationship then that relationship becomes like a burning flame and symbol in your mind and you will do all sorts of things, turn yourself inside out, to avoid losing that relationship.

That is a fear based set of actions and chain reaction.

If you fear somebody they have power over you. You will mind your Ps and Qs, you will give them an added to weight, you will give what they say more influence than it may or may not warrant, and your life around this person is more controlled because of that fear.

Do you see? There are innumerable examples.

And when you allow someone, something, some event to have that kind of power over you your own life is going to get derailed. There’s no question. Because you are moving forward with someone else’s wishes in the driver’s seat. Or an entity as in a relationship, or a company, or a salary package, or what have you.

And that is fear driven.

This is particularly acute in our world right now because there are whole systems in place to produce fear, to engineer fear based actions.

And you must recognize that, you must recognize what you fear. It’s not even necessary to think about why you you fear it, just know what you fear and eliminate that fear.

Whatever it is, for whatever reason you fear it, it does not need to exist. And if you look within yourself you will find all the reasons you need for why it should not exist. And then you can eliminate it. And then you should eliminate it.