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I’m sure you’ve heard this before that on the flip side of fear is love and it’s very true. Because what you love empowers you in precisely the opposite way, in which what you fear takes power from you or has power over you.

When you are doing the things you love, when you are with people you truly love it’s empowering, its energizing, it gives you strength to go on with life.

So there is a very substantial rationale to the advice to do things that you love, to work at a career that you love, to work in a place that you love, because it has this very real impact.

It doesn’t drain you. It doesn’t take your power. It gives you power. It gives you nourishment.

So imagine that. Imagine a life full of things you love: people, places, things, activities. If all of these have your full attention and your full love then you draw power from it, you pour your own power into it and that energizes again the things that you love and then they give you energy back. So this is a very vital life cycle that is missing from most of our lives.

Because we are stuck doing things we detest, people that we don’t particularly care about even if we don’t hate to them, and it is taken as a rational way to live life. It is totally not a rational way to live life. Live life with joy, live life with passion and love and your own natural tendencies. And then you will create this vital cycle in your life.

Even today you can start start small. Maybe doing the activities that you love to do. And it could be things within the confines of your house. So it could be cooking, or it could be tidying up, it could be a reading, you don’t have to go very far to find things to nourish your soul. It could be just sitting in silence for that matter.

So if you can take that first step today to introduce one or two or three components, depending on the complexity, into your life of something you truly love to do, that would be an excellent task for today’s Daily Grain.