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I must say I am not a particularly staunch proponent of the “just do it” tribe because I have found very often when people just do it they have leaped into all sorts of complications and unintended consequences. So I’m more of a “plan for it and then do it” variety. The “look before you leap” tribe.

But there are times when “just do it” works and it works when there is something in you that feels utterly right, that feels that whatever action you are proposing to take meshes so well with your personality, with your skillsets, with your drive for what you want to accomplish in your life, that you have the bank, or the wellspring of energy and motivation to clear all hurdles.

So when you have such a feeling of completeness that will allow you to throw yourself into this project wholeheartedly, to totally commit, one hundred percent to whatever this is then and only then would I say “just do it.”

And there are times in life, and they are actually wonderful, it’s a wonderful experience to have this where there is such utter conviction about the task at hand that you can in fact just do it.

And sometimes it just takes us by surprise where you have an idea and then it just sits so perfectly in your consciousness that it is right. It is right for you to do, it is right for you to give it your all, and you will be the better for it.

This is another defining characteristic where your life is enriched by this thing that you are doing.

So just do it is a wonderful spur, but be measured in the way that you choose the projects to which you apply this.