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When I was a teenager of my go to advice was if you want to dream, dream big and that is very inspirational advice as advice goes and it is quite true in a lot of ways – you need something in life, a bigger goal, on aspiration or purpose to draw you forward and on which to build your life. However, dreams can actually be damaging and that’s what I want to talk about in today’s Daily Grain.

So when do dreams crossover that line where they are inspiring and motivating and become dangerous? Your first inkling is when you feel thoroughly dissatisfied with your present.

Where we are right now is as it is. It is as we’ve created it and as much as we have evolved that dictates our present.

So when you leave the present and live in the future as in you are living in your dream but your present is far removed from that dream that becomes then damaging because your present is what you *have* to deal with.

If you are so dissatisfied with your present and exit it in pursuit of your dream in the dream state then that will not do you any good. It will just leave you dissatisfied and frustrated.

And when you are in that kind of dissatisfied, frustrated state you don’t have the patience, you don’t have the patience with your present to do the planning, to do the work that will ultimately take you forward to your dream. And the lack of planning, the lack of action results in what?

Ultimately, hopelessness because your dream will move further and further away from a lack of actively pursuing it.

So – dream big, dream the impossible but pay attention to what you are feeling about that dream. If it leaves you feeling frustrated, impatient, hopeless, disconnected with your present, then it’s time to pull back and start working towards that dream.