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It will be a lovely world when the strong are also gentle!

The other day I was talking about kindness being seen as weakness and here’s another thing that might be considered weakness and that is gentleness. But in fact it takes a very strong person to be gentle.

Because being gentle, being considerate means that you have control over your power. You have control over how much you exert yourself in the world and assert yourself in the world. And in fact, you don’t really have to put that much exertion and assertion into the world because you’re confident in your strength.

So only the very strong like I said can be gentle and can be considerate.

So what’s the flip side of that? That means violence, bullying, nastiness stems from an inherent weakness where you have to destroy someone or you have to put someone down in order to prove your supremacy or your superiority.

Now question for you. Which would you rather be – truly strong or pretending to be truly strong?

As we’ve said in a previous Daily Grain, true strength and a real core of steel comes with all these wonderful fringe benefits not least of all is unlimited success. To my mind it’s a no brainer.

Have real strength. Have great relationships. Have meaningful achievements.

And then you can be gentle with the people around you and then you can be considerate of the people around you. And if you foster strong people around you then they will be gentle and considerate with you.