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Throughout my life I have tried to figure out the answer to this question, with variable results I should say, why do people lie?

I’ve tried reasoning it out, I’ve tried to give people the benefit of the doubt, and I have never come up with a satisfactory answer because the reasons why people would lie or would shade the truth are many and varied.

And stemming from very benevolent reasons to very malefic reasons. So they could lie out of politeness or at the other extreme they could lie simply to achieve their own ends not caring who gets hurt.

And between those two extremes of mildness and evil there lies a whole host of reasons why people would shade reality or, even to themselves, why they would ignore what is real and what is in front of them.

And I have since come to the conclusion, I gave up on trying to figure it out because there’s no need really, but the baseline is this, at the root of why someone would lie either to themselves or to someone else is that they lack a core of steel.

They lack the conviction within themselves that their truth is sufficient and that *the* truth is sufficient.

And that’s a huge misperception because the truth at all the times is sufficient. And if you are prompted to tell a lie or to live a lie, then that entails all sorts of machinations and calculations to figure out exactly which lie you should tell or what lie you should live. When in fact living the truth is pretty simple.

So today I want you to pay attention to that. If you feel an urging to depart from the truth, try and come back to the real self, the real you, what feels true to you and question what is creating the need for you to deny that.