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Do you know what’s behind getting up every morning? #beyourownguru #yourtruth #changeyourlife

Today I want you to think about this: why do you toil? Why do you work? Do you know?

Most of us work because society says we should, we work because we have bills to pay, and we work because it fills up the day from one end of the week to the other.

If you don’t have an end game, and I spoke about this briefly when we were talking about life path, work and your daily grind becomes just that: an endless stream of day after day of doing something you have no idea of the reason why you’re doing it.

So it is very critical to ask yourself this question: why? What is the driving force behind getting up each morning and going to your day job or going to your business. You can try the converse: if you didn’t have to work or if you didn’t need money, if money were not an issue, what would you do?

If we live our lives constantly driven by any external factor we have an infinite amount of life in front of us that is not self motivated.

So if you ask yourself this question, why do you toil, and the answer is simply to pay the bills it is worthwhile to consider how are you going to reach the point where you can stop having to worry about paying the bills. Where you have financial freedom in fact.

Because if the only motivation for you is bill paying and material sustenance, then really that’s very worthwhile considering how to take care of that for all eternity in a comprehensive manner. Because if that is the sole motivation then it is toil indeed.

When you are working and doing things that are satisfying and nourishing to you on a deeper level than material stuff, than paying the bills, which are assuredly absolute necessities, but when it’s something more your days are much more fulfilling, your life is much more fulfilling.

And then you yourself come more in to who you are, you yourself start living your life as a person who is more whole, shall I say, not a wholesome person. But you can live your life in your entirety. And that is quite a critical thing to be living your life with.

So today, think about why. Why do you toil?