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I want you to do this experiment right now.

Right this moment take a deep breath in – inhale.

How was that?

You might have found that if you had just taken an inhalation, it was rather difficult to do. Whereas if you were right at the end of your last exhalation and it was easy to do. And if you were somewhere in between it was probably difficult to do as well.

And that is the purpose of today’s Daily Grain. It was something that occurred to me when I was trying to do exactly what I just told you to do.

In yoga we were told to inhale and as I had just inhaled, I couldn’t inhale any more and so it struck me as being very true to life as well.

If your life is too full of things that could be useful to you and some that are possibly not so useful to you, the point is your life is packed, it will be very, very difficult to add in new experiences, add in new ways of looking at things – because your head is full, your heart is full, your day is full and – no room for anything else.

So today’s Daily Grain is simply for you to understand how important it is to exhale first. To release in the first instance things that you are holding within you or in your life to then be able to bring in something new.

So if you long for change in your life, if you long for things to be different, and it could be anything, minor or major, this is a critical factor.

You must exhale, you must let go of whatever you choose to, but it must be *something* if you want to bring something fresh and new into your life.