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It is a very critical thing to see ourselves in our entirety because we are more than the sum of our parts.

We tend to look at ourselves in segments, as in maybe we like sport, or maybe we like to read, and we are encouraged in this by the general view of society that we are our interests or we are our career. And this is partially true but not the full picture.

Because we could have interests that on the surface are incompatible with each other, like maybe I like sport and I like to read… And it could be that we like one thing at a certain time and another thing at another, or we like one thing at a certain time and then we dislike it at another.

So we are evolving, we are changing but we also have different facets to ourselves. And as I said it’s very critical that you know yourself in your entirety and you understand that the details don’t make you.

What you choose to do or be interested in, who you talk to, who you don’t talk to, any ONE thing is not you, is what I want to say.

And it would be greatly beneficial to you to not be focused and not allow yourself to be focused on a description of you or on a facet of you that suits everybody.

And this is critical because should you become dissatisfied with any one facet or any one thing, then it does not sink you. You’re not suddenly all bad or all a failure.

No. It’s just that that thing did not pan out or that relationship did not pan out. And it’s fine! You know?

Life is full of bumps in the road, full of lessons to be learned and if you understand that you are more than the sum of your parts, it makes all those bumps in the road much easier, much more easy to deal with.