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I believe it was Michelangelo who said that when he sees a block of marble he doesn’t actually see a block of marble he sees the sculpture that he wants to do and then he simply has to remove the extra marble and the sculpture is there.

And that is actually the way I see you. The way I see consciousness.

Because the real you is there so what you see in front of you when you look in the mirror is a block of marble and if you chip away at the extraneous bits, the extraneous bits of you, the extraneous bits of your life, then you see the full sculpture of you – you see that work of art that is you.

I think that was a very lovely thing he said and it is actually absolutely true of life and of you.

Because as we’ve discussed before all the things you think are your true self that you don’t like are probably conditioning and traditions and culture and what have you that you surround yourself with. In fact you are encased, if you like, with these things and they don’t feel true and they don’t feel comfortable and they are difficult to live with because they are extra, they are surplus to requirements.

So starting today how about you start chipping away at these elements that are, like I said, surplus to requirements?

Chip away at them and beginning with the easiest bit – the things that you are courageous enough to undertake, chip away at them until you uncover that light and airy and perfectly formed you.