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So to wrap up and close the loop from yesterday’s Daily Grain in the same way that you cannot receive true absolution from an external source, you also cannot give it, right? What’s sauce for the goose…

When you absolve someone or when you forgive someone true healing and true reconciliation, so in that sense, true absolution cannot take place till they forgive themselves, till they are at peace with themselves and till they come to terms with it.

So very often you may find people who have done you wrong – they never come back. They run away and because they have not absolved themselves. And there’s that whole issue of embarrassment because they feel they have behaved badly and they can not come back to the relationship or to the group or what have you.

If you look at the human relations in this light there’s a whole lot of false reconciliations or false reunitings going on because saying we forgive or somebody saying they are sorry or someone expressing regrets is the surface of the thing.

What goes on under that, what goes on in the reality of the other person’s psyche and your own psyche is the real fruit of the situation. Do they feel they deserve absolution, are they willing to absolve themselves will be the indicator of whether that relationship works or not.

And truly if people or companies or entities do you wrong the onus is on them to make it right. Whether you accept what they make right or not is an entirely different kettle of fish but think about absolution and redemption in these terms: what is a real, what actually is taking place and what actually can you take to the bank, so to speak?

If you can work with true reconciliation, true absolution the relationships around you will be immensely healthier as a result.