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A fantastic use of your energy! Check it out 🙂 #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

So here’s that excellent use of energy that I was telling you about. It’s called quantum touch, and you can either look it up on google or I shall put the link in the description below, but it’s an energy healing modality that uses our life force to trigger healing in ourselves or in others.

And it is amazing! It works!

And it’s a physical thing, it’s not psychosomatic it’s not magic, you wave a wand (!) it’s something I can do, much to my own astonishment, and it’s something you can do.

What I really like, which is why I’m talking about it in the Daily Grain, is the founder Richard Gordon, his dream is a world in which we heal each other – much better than killing each other, isn’t it?

Imagine that!

A world where we are powerful enough and kind enough to trigger healing in ourselves and in the people around us.

It’s life changing if you think about it.

And I have seen for myself when I trigger healing in someone, and this is the other thing that I really like about it, where he says that, and I believe that it is true, that the person being healed is the healer. Because our bodies have infinite capacity to heal themselves, and this I have also found to be true, and so all we do is provide energy and higher vibrations, the vibrations of love and peace, and that person’s body or your own body would heal spontaneously.

It’s truly remarkable.

And when I trigger healing in someone or when I teach them how to channel their energies, it’s amazing. Because then they suddenly realise that truly they are much more than flesh and blood – they have a component that they can call upon that they can channel and that they can focus to create something wonderful. To create better health in someone, to give someone relief.

What a wonderful gift to have! And you have it! So if you have any doubts about whether you have far more capacity than you think you have, go and take a look at this and check it out.