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Following on from yesterday’s Daily Grain I would say that your biggest responsibility to yourself is to establish sufficiency at all levels for yourself.

So that is plain common sense when you look at it but what is the importance of this? Because if you can establish sufficiency at all levels what does that make you?

It makes you invulnerable.

Because you hold your whole well being, and the responsibility for your own well being in your own hands and you hold it consciously and competently. So this is really first principles. Find your sufficiency point and get to it.

And when you don’t need further input for your life of course it makes you invulnerable, so you can stand strong and you can stand steady, but it is also a very liberating. You are not striving for something, you are not struggling towards something because you have achieved it all.

This is actually the very real upside to saying enough. To saying I don’t need so and so and such and such and cutting out the fluff from your life, cutting out extraneous things.

Because if we fight against the idea that we struggle, if we resent the struggle that is our lives, then we have to realize what we are doing in our own heads that is contributing to this struggle and the main thing that we’re doing *is* seeking things that are not in our best interests.

I guarantee you if you sit down and think about what would satisfy you, even theoretically, what would satisfy you on these levels material or physical, mental, emotional psychological, spiritual, you will probably finds that it is less than you might have imagined.

It is surprisingly easy to be completely content with small things, smaller outlays of finance, smaller group of friends, smaller triggers that give us stress in daily life. Less is a more really in life.

So if you think about what sufficiency actually gives you, how it helps you live your life, then set to figuring out how to get to your sufficiency points.