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Your Daily Grain for today: How well do you marshal your resources? If you don’t control your finances, nobody else will. #beyourownguru #BYOG

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Next up is everyone’s favorite topic: money and finances. And with all the systems out there and the tricks and techniques to shore up your finances the one truth about your finances is this: if you spend more than you earn, you are going to be in trouble.

So everybody knows this on an intellectual level, right? You think “Yeah! of course!!” So why isn’t it happening more often and more consistently that people are financially stable?

Economic conditions aside, think about really understanding this at a very visceral level and think about whether you are addressing this in your life.

Because if you don’t have control over your finances and your future, nobody does! It’s out of control! And this is the one place where you really don’t want to be the victim of unintended consequences.

The knowledge of where you are in the world with your material well being, the roof over your head, the clothes you wear, the savings you have for the future, these are all critical assessments to be made sooner rather than later.

A lot of people hate planning and hate thinking about their finances simply because it’s scary, you know, if your finances are not in a good place then, yes its difficult, shall we say, to look at. But the point is if you don’t look at it, you not going to have the opportunity to make it less difficult and the more you don’t look at it, the more difficult it’s going to get.

So the object of today’s Daily Grain is to tell you to be brave. Think about what you spend your money on, why you spend it on what you spend it on and is it serving you? Are you or have you set up your finances to your detriment?

Think about it, chew on it and I’ll be back tomorrow.