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Your Daily Grain for today: Are you reading, understanding and acting on the messages from your intellect? #beyourownguru #BYOG

Video Transcription…

Hi again! So moving right along, let’s consider your mental faculties and your mental capacities, your mind for want of a better word.

Do you really know your own mind? Do you understand it? Do you understand the signals it sends you?

For example if you’re bored, or stuck, or overwhelmed, these are all things that your system is telling you are out of balance.

So if you are bored for example, you probably don’t have sufficient mental challenge in whatever you’re doing on a day to day basis. If you’re overwhelmed, you have too much of a challenge so bring that back into balance. If you’re stuck, it’s probably because you’ve put your mind into a prison of sorts, you have enclosed it in some way, shape or form.

But the thing of it is, if you are in touch with yourself and you are thinking about what’s going on with you, what you’re feeling in terms like this, you can fix that, right? If you’re bored you can look for other avenues to engage yourself, engage in mind. And if you’re overwhelmed, you can cut back.

When we don’t really think we ourselves have the fix for this when you’re overwhelmed, you just think you need to either work harder or do something different or get help on board and what have you. Some external solution.

But when it comes to your mental energy, you would do well, shall I say, to ration it out. Be discerning with what you use your mental energy on what you use your intelligence for.

How critical is your critical thinking? Does it in fact answer your situation? Does it in fact help you to come up with solutions that are productive, that are effective?

So these lie in the mental range. In how you use the knowledge that you currently have, in how you determine whether you need more knowledge for any given situation, and how you apply that knowledge.

All of the above will be unique to you.

So when you think of your career, your hobbies, the things you use your brain for are you using it with consideration and are you using it for things that are true to you?

That’s your Daily Grain for today. Talk to you tomorrow.