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In case you were thinking after yesterday’s Daily Grain that it’s all very well for me to say eliminate fear, and you’re thinking but how? Well, it is really quite simple. There is only one way to eliminate fear and one weapon with which to eliminate it, and that is courage.

Face your fears, face your life with courage. And in the light of courage, there can be no darkness of fear.

It is truly said that a brave man dies only once and a coward dies a thousand times. So it’s not necessarily cowardly or I should say the lack of courage is not necessarily cowardly, however, it does not serve you to not have courage.

But to look at life without courage from my point of view, to look at life without courage takes more courage! Because the meaning of that, that a coward dies a thousand times is, if you don’t face your reality, you will be visited by a million different, horrifying eventualities because this is all imagined.

It’s things that you project out and it may or may not come to pass and very often what we fear doesn’t come to pass, simply because we have manufactured it. So if you can find the courage to face that fear dead on you will find it doesn’t exist.

It really doesn’t.

So it just takes that little amount of courage to swivel around and face it, face the worst that you can think of and face the worst that you are imagining and you will find it melts away.

It really does.

It applies to any kind of fear. If you look at it squarely, if you look at it rationally, and if you think what is there in my reality that gives this fear any substance? You will either find you have no basis for that fear or you will find you have all the tools in which to take care of making sure that what you fear never happens.